Viktoria Åström

Viktoria Åström nació en Gotenburgo, Suecia, en 1976. Desde 2003 trabajó como animadora, ilustradora y directora de arte en distintas ciudades europeas hasta fijar de nuevo su residencia en el norte de Gotenburgo, donde vive con su familia. Ha trabajado en numerosos proyectos educativos como animadora e ilustradora. Su inspiración surge de las historias que le rodean y su trabajo como animadora. Viktoria utiliza diversas técnicas, como acuarela, xilografía y arte digital.


Viktoria Åström was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1976. She has worked as an Animator, Illustrator and Art Director since 2003 throughout Europe and now lives in the Peninsula north of Gothenburg with her family. Among other, she has worked on a large number of educational projects for children including hand drawn 2D animations and illustrations. Her art and illustrations are greatly inspired by her work as an animator, finding thoughtful stories all around her and translating them into pictures. Viktoria uses several different techniques focusing on watercolours, ink, block printing and digital art.


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